We Are Lawrence

MC to MC: Movement City & Merrimack College


“Much love for the double MC, a new family, going to help me become college bound!” – reflection from Celeste Cruz after December celebration of Movement City/Merrimack College collaboration. 

During our Monday Intensives, our teen interns and project leaders have the opportunity to take part in leadership development and academic prep intensives. Building off of Cookies for College, a college access experience started by two graduate students at Merrimack College last spring (shout out to Kevin and Lorena!), this partnership has continued and evolved throughout last fall!

We had a group of Merrimack graduate students pursuing degrees in Higher Education facilitate various academic focused sessions every other week. We’ve delved into the potentially overwhelming realm of financial aid, composed spoken word poems on first generation students, performed skits about the first day of school, and created vision boards to support our academic goals and aspirations.

As a celebration of this collaboration, Movement City went to Merrimack College on December 15. Our members got to explore the library, media center, Rogers Performing Art Center, and visit a dorm room.  We also heard from a first generation student who spoke about some of the realities of her experience coming to college. In closing, we each shared a few words or images that captured this journey over the last few months.

Some of the reflections included:

“A memory that will resonate deeply with me.” - Ruth Martinez

“Always accept change. Keep moving forward.” – Rania Henriquez

“Deep. Perfect. Fun. Infinite.” - Niyu Calzada

A big shout out of gratitude to our fabulous team from Merrimack College: Brooke, Erika, Kate, Wendy, Melody, Emily, and Elaine. Thank you for all of your time, energy, and experience you were able to share and invest in our Movement City community!